"Bringing comfort and hope to the abandoned, abused, and needy children of Romania."

Angel Sponsorship

You can be an “ANGEL” by sponsoring a child in our foster care program. The cost is $50 a month and the entire amount goes to the foster mother to be spent on the child. This program is to help the foster mother make ends meet when fuel and food are so expensive, and the needs of the children are great. We have several of our 50 foster children involved with Bridge of Love who are still waiting for their “Angel.” Those children are pictured below. We also have a long list of foster mothers who are on the waiting list to be accepted into Bridge of Love’s embrace. More “Angels” will help us to accept more children.

$50 Sponsorship

There are currently no needs at this time for the $50 sponsorship level.

$25 Sponsorship

These children have angels that provide $25 a month. Each child needs another $25/month sponsor.

Lavinia 1





Contact us to let us know which lucky child will receive YOU as their angel!

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