"Bringing comfort and hope to the abandoned, abused, and needy children of Romania."

Children's Needs

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Angel Sponsors 

$50/month full sponsorship, $25/month half sponsorship
We currently have 5 children needing sponsors. Please look at our Angel Sponsors page to find our who you can help today!


Activity Center

We have the space at our office but need funds to help provide board and card games, movies, treats, books, ping-pong table, popcorn machine, and video games where the kids can come on the weekend evening and find a safe and wholesome environment for fun.


Math Teacher

We need $2,000 to continue to provide a part-time math teach for the children for the year 2016.


Computer Class

We would like to start a computer class for the children in 2016. We need funds for 8 computers, a printer, a teacher, and materials.


Guitar Teacher

We would like to hire a guitar teacher to teach guitar lessons to the children who are interested in learning to play.


Soccer Coach

We would like to hire a soccer coach, buy some soccer equipment and jerseys, and have the funds to rent a field once or twice a week where the children could learn to play soccer and learn how to compete.



We are currently spending $80 a month to help the local women’s shelter, children’s hospital, and villages with diapers and wipes. This amount doesn’t go far. We would like to increase the amount we can give to this worthy project and keep it going through 2016.

These are a few of our most pressing needs for the children. If you would like to help with a specific area, please let us know. Thank you for helping to bring hope to the children!