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Podul Dragostei - March/April Newsletter

Over 3000 children go missing each year in Romania. At Podul Dragostei we are working hard to find ways to join in the fight against human trafficking. We have been on the lookout for existing programs and organizations we can collaborate with.  We recently got to know the director of the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons, and had a very good meeting with him.


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Upcoming Events

Scramble Fore Hope on May 20, 2015

Talon's Cove


We will be holding our annual tournament fundraiser on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at the Talon's Cove Golf Course in Saratoga Springs.  What a great way to spend your morning.  Not only will you enjoy a great day of golf, lunch are wonderful prizes, but know your time and money go to the disadvantaged children of Romania.  Registration will be open Feb 15, 2015! 




Welcome to the Bridge of Love

Bridge of Love’s mission is to provide comfort and hope to Romania’s abandoned children by assisting them on a path toward lifelong happiness and success.

Since 2001, Bridge of Love has been instrumental in rescuing Romanian children abandoned in orphanages and hospitals, and placing them with caring foster families in their own country.
In partnership with a sister foundation in the Romanian town of Barlad, Podul Dragostei (meaning “Bridge of Love” in Romanian), Bridge of Love provides ongoing support to sustain the children’s physical, emotional and educational needs.  This allows them to grow and succeed in life through achieving personal goals. 

 Bridge of Love also provides support for older Romanian teens and young adults who have grown up in an orphanage, as they move forward in their lives and education.  Again, in partnership with Podul Dragostei.
More recently, Bridge of Love is partnering with other nonprofit organizations in Romania to help even more children and families in need. These currently include a maternity center for young mothers and their babies as well as an amazing organization called The Heart of a Child Foundation, both located in Galati, Romania.

We are helping to save Romania’s abandoned children one child at a time, because no one should walk life’s journey alone.



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